For many people, buying a property is one of the largest investments they will ever make.

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It’s very important to go through this process with a trained expert who can consult with you at every step of the process. Here are some important details to consider:

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    Are you Pre-Approved?

    Meeting with a mortgage professional to get pre-approved should be one of the first steps you take in your real estate journey. Being pre-approved works in your favour, essentially turning you into a cash-buyer. Knowing your budget will also allow you and your real estate broker to determine which properties within your budgeted price range will most adequately meet all your needs.

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    Have you assessed your property needs?

    It’s very important to sit down with your real estate broker and go over your “must-have” property needs. It’s very possible that your broker may ask you questions you’ve never even thought of before! What are your non-negotiables? What are the things you could live without? Are you thinking short-term or long-term? How does your space need to accommodate your lifestyle? Getting the important answers to these questions and more will not only help your broker select the best property options for you, but will also help you in making the final selection.

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    Do you know the best areas in the Montreal market that offer properties meeting your needs and budget requirements?

    Montreal is a vibrant city filled with many different boroughs each with their own character and style. After learning your budget requirements and property needs, your broker should educate you on the best areas in Montreal to buy.

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    Do you know the best time to buy?

    Generally, the busiest season in real estate is in the spring. During these months, we see the highest number of active listings and the highest number of accepted offers. Depending on your needs, your real estate professional will be able to guide you as to the best time to buy. Depending on the type of property you are looking for, you may benefit from more negotiation weight during the “off” season when there are fewer properties on the market.

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    Are you aware of all the costs related to buying a property?

    The price of your property is not the only cost to be aware of. It’s important that you speak with your broker about all of the things to expect when buying a property such as: inspection costs, notary fees, welcome tax and moving expenses.


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